Adams County Reads One Book has returned! Join us in January of 2006 when we read "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Did you know that Warner Brothers is making a movie of "Peace Like a River" starring Billy Bob Thornton as the father? Brad Pitt is also helping to produce it. Kind of odd pairing considering Angelina Jolie is divorced from Billy Bob and is now tight with Brad. Wonder if she'll end up playing Roxanna!

Consider reading along with us!

Our Reading Schedule

by Friday, January 27th

Chapter 1 "Clay" through
Chapter 5 "Peeking at Eternity"

by Friday, February 3rd

Chapter 6 "When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll" through
Chapter 8 "A Boy on a Horse"

by Friday, February 10th

Chapter 9 "By the Grace of Lurvy" through
Chapter 13 "Something Warm"

by Friday, February 17th

Chapter 14 "The Skin Bag" through
Chapter 18 "Winning Her Hand"

by Friday, February 24th

Chapter 19 "Boy Ready" through
Chapter 23 "The Curious Music That I Hear"

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